An adventure through the path of the Sun

4-Day Salcantay

  Salcantay Trek
Duration 4 days
Availability Every day of the year except in February, without limit
Price US$ 559
Deposit to book US$ 59
Departure point Cuzco
Trek departure point Challacancha
Trek arrival point Aguas Calientes (Day 3)
Total walking distance
Total walking duration
Maximal altitude
Day 1 9 mi
14 km
4 h 7874 ft
2400 m
Day 2 13 mi
20 km
7 h 16174 ft
4930 m
Day 3 17 mi
26 km
8 h 9022 ft
2750 m
Total 44 mi
60 km
19 h 16174 ft
4930 m
Equipment porters Horses
Accommodation 1 shared luxury dome
1 campsite
1 hotel (Aguas Calientes)
Visit of Machu Picchu
Return to Cuzco by train
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Cusco - Trail (Cusco - Mollepata - Challacancha - Soraypampa and Humantay Lagoon)

  • Very early in the morning, departure from Cusco to Mollepata village where we will arrive and have breakfast. There are shops and toilet facilities.
  • We return to the transportation for a 30-minute trip to Challacancha where we will prepare the equipment for the hike.
  • We will then load horses with our equipment to begin the Trek to Soraypampa at 12631 ft (3850 m) where we will arrive for lunch and get installed in our luxury domes (New!!) at our campsite.
  • At this point we will have enough time to take some pictures of the breathtaking views of the area the canyon stretching down the valley. In the afternoon, afther lunch, we will have time to continue a short hike up to see the beautiful Humantay Lagoon located at 4200 masl, the hike is approximately 1.20 hours where you will see the beauty and charm of the lagoon's zone and the best opportunity to take fantastic photos.
  • Dinner and first night in geodesic domes.
  • 9 mi / 14 km 4 h 7874 ft / 2400 m Breakfast, lunch, diner

    Trail (Soraypampa - Salcantay Pass - Wayracpunku - Chaullay)

  • After breakfast, we will begin the most difficult part of the Trek, walking through the site known as Pampa Salcantay. We will then take the left side of the glacier Umantay located beside the glacier Salcantay. Around noon, we will be at the highest point, Salcantay Umantay at 14763 ft (4600 m). We were watch the Salcantay glaciers and after an hour of rest we will have lunch in the area called Huayrac Pampa.
  • We will then continue walking down for 4 hours to Chaullay located at 9514 ft (2900 m) where we will get installed in the camping site for the second night. We will have happy hour with hot beverages and then finally an amazing dinner will be served.
  • Night at the camping.
  • 13 mi / 20 km 7 h 16174 ft / 4930 m Breakfast, lunch, diner

    Trail (Chaullay - La Playa Sahuayacu- Santa Teresa - Hydroelectric Central - Aguas Calientes)

  • After breakfast, we will begin a 5-hour walk. On the way, we will go through the village called Collpabamba located in the rainforest area. We will see waterfalls and a wide variety of plants and flowers before arriving to the area called La Playa where we will have lunch. We will walk passing a variety of crop plantations such as coca, coffee, tea, banana, avocado and papaya.
  • We will see the Central Power Station waterfalls, which are about twelve meters high and are fed by the crystal clear melt waters of the sacred Mount Yanantin. After some pictures, we will continue our hike for about 1 hour until we reach the Hydroelectric Power Station (1900 m).
  • We will keep going walking along the railroad track, close to the bank of Urubamba river, from where we get to see the Sacred peaks of Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountains. The trail cuts into the old coffee plantation of Mandorpampa and enters to the cloud forest. This area is covered with bromelias and many varieties of orchids.
  • In the afternoon, we arrive in Aguas Calientes town where we will spend the night at a confortable hotel. Dinner will be served at a tourist restaurant.
  • Night at the hotel.
  • 17 mi / 26 km 8 h 9022 ft / 2750 m Breakfast, lunch, diner

    Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - Cusco

  • In the morning, we will enjoy a guided tour for about 2 hours. You will see the Main square, the Temple of the Sun, the Royal rooms, the Three Window Temple and several burial places.
  • After this visit you will have some time to walk aroud the ruins or to visit Huayna Picchu if you took this option in advance.
  • You will also have the chance to go up to the Sun Gate for free, it is not very hard and it takes one hour and half the round trip. You can also go to the Inca Bridge, the hike is easier and takes one hour.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant.
  • In the afternoon/evening, Return to Ollantaytambo by train. Upon arrival, road transportation by bus to a main square in Cusco.
  • End of our services.
  • Breakfast, lunch